A very brief period of time

2019 has come to an end and what a rollercoaster its been!

Not gonna lie, this year has definitely been a rough one for me, but the good times outweigh the bad and I want to highlight those ones.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite moments in 2019!

Las Vegas

This year started out with a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my friend Roger’s birthday! We were only there for a weekend, but it was such a fun time. Our group on the trip included my brother, my friend, Afiya, Roger, and his two friends.

When we got there, I noticed that my friend, Adrian, was also in Vegas with his family/friends and we all decided to link up and go to the club together. I had been to Vegas a few times before but I had never partied or gone to the clubs, so I was excited to finally get to do that!

We all started out clubbing at the Hakkasan Night Club where we had a booth and drinks. The music at that club wasn’t really our style haha so we all ended up going to the Jewel Night Club. That’s where we really had a good time and we all were able to turn- up for Roger’s birthday!



This year made it my second time going to Coachella! I had gone the previous year and had so much fun so I decided to go again because the FOMO would have been too real haha. This time I went with my friend Afiya again and my friend Stefanie.

Since Afiya and I had already gone to Coachella the previous year, we were much more prepared this time around haha. It was Stef’s first time going but she is a planner and is great at organizing trips so she was definitely a great addition to the squad haha.

My friend Joey and his friend Raina were also at Coachella the same weekend we were so we met up with them every day! I’ve said this before, but I am a big concert junkie so I feel in my element when I’m at Coachella lol. Three days of nonstop concerts plus an atmosphere that feels like a party all day makes for a great time!

Some of the highlights from the trip include, Joey getting into a fight the first day of the festival (laughing emoji), seeing the great Childish Gambino perform live, Lizzo giving us an acapella performance after her tech crew couldn’t get it together, H.E.R. slaying us with her vocals, turning up with YG, and Will Smith surprising the crowd during Jadan Smith’s performance.

If you want to read more about my Coachella experience this year, check out my friend Stef’s blog post: The Truth About Coachella 😊


In August, my cousins, Nia and Anthia, had planned a trip to BeautyCon in California and invited me to join them. I wasn’t planning on going with them because I honestly was just sad about everything that was happening in my life at the time and I didn’t think I deserved to go on the trip. However, BeautyCon ended up sending me a coupon for cheap tickets for the event so I decided to go with them last minute.

For those of you who don’t know what BeautyCon is, it’s a two-day beauty festival that has vendors from all the popular makeup, hair, and beauty companies. Almost every booth has free items or samples of their products that they give away. Most of the vendors just want you to follow them on social media so you can get the free item. Plus a lot of the vendors have discounts and deals on all the products they’re selling! There are also a lot of celebrities and beauty influencers/ YouTubers there.

My cousins both got a different type of ticket than me so they were able to get a Hauler Bag which included tons of free items from the vendors at the event. Even though I wasn’t able to get the Hauler, I still left the event with four bags full of free stuff 😎

Some of my highlights from the trip include: getting all of the free items haha, meeting some of my favorite influencers, meeting Beyonce’s backup dancer/friend, Ashley, stocking up on all the natural hair product deals, Jeannie Mai from The Real responding to my Instagram story I tagged her in, and seeing Megan Thee Stallion in person!


In the end, I’m glad I ended up making the trip with them!

Visiting Home/ 26th Birthday

At the end of August, my siblings and I planned a trip back home to Connecticut to visit my dad and the rest of my family and friends. My birthday was also happening during this time so I planned a trip to New York with my friends and family to celebrate!

My dad was diagnosed with tongue cancer at the beginning of the year so my siblings and I all went back home to visit him while he was starting his chemo and radiation treatments (thank you to everyone who donated to his GoFundMe page. I truly appreciate it). We were able to spend some time with him and catch up on life.

I was also able to visit a lot of my family and friends I hadn’t seen in a few years. Being back home and seeing everyone felt a little melancholy. When I would ask someone how they’ve been, they wouldn’t give me a generic “I’ve been good” answer. Instead, they would really tell me how they’ve been. One of the things I love about my hometown is how real everyone is. I don’t know if it’s an east coast thing, but it’s definitely something I’ve noticed since living in Arizona. It was nice to catch up with everyone again and know and understand how they’ve really been.

For my birthday, my friends, siblings, cousin, and I all took a trip to New York for a couple of days. My friend Stef recently moved to Brooklyn so it was convenient as well! When we first got there, we went out to eat at this Jamaican restaurant that took over an hour to serve us πŸ™„. The food was good but it definitely wasn’t worth that wait.

After we finished eating, we all got changed and went on a 3-hour long booze cruise that let us see sights like the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. There were also three floors on the boat that had DJs on every level! Sounds great right? Wrong haha. The booze cruise was packed full of people which made it impossible to move or even sit anywhere. The music the DJs were playing was techno and Latin which isn’t any of our favorites. Plus it was freezing on the top floor so the boat ride was extremely cold. In the end, we made the most of the trip and danced the night away haha.

Las Vegas – Christmas

The same place I started the year, is the same place I ended the year, Vegas! For Christmas this year, my stepdad’s family planned a huge trip to Vegas to celebrate not only the holidays but my stepdad’s father’s 80th birthday! About 30 of his family members flew in for the celebration, with many of them coming from the Bahamas. I had only met a handful of his relatives so I was excited to finally put some faces to the names I had heard so much about.

On Christmas Eve, we went to the Stratosphere and had a nice fancy dinner for the 80th birthday celebration. That dinner was literally the fanciest meal I had EVER had and everything was sooo delicious. After dinner, one of my stepdad’s brothers handed out invites to his wedding in July and asked all of his brothers to be his groomsmen. It was such a sweet moment πŸ₯Ί I’m excited about his wedding not only because I love weddings, but it’s also in Hawaii 😎🌺

Christmas morning is when the real party started! Everyone went over to my mom and stepdad’s hotel room and we had a huge turn-up! The alcohol was flowing and everyone was getting down on the dance floor haha. I was the DJ for the party so I didn’t get to record as much of the party as I wanted to, but I will forever remember how great of a time that was!

Later that night, we all got dressed up and went to the Cirque Du Soleil show at the Bellagio hotel. Every single one of us knocked out during that show because we were all so tired and dehydrated from the turn-up earlier πŸ˜‚ (We all were drinking on an empty stomach btw haha) After the show, we all went to this restaurant and only ordered water because that was the only thing we really needed lol.

On one of our last nights there, we all went to the club, including my stepdad’s 80-year-old father πŸ˜‚ and let me tell you, he was turning up like the rest of us with his RedBull in hand! There was a big group of us so we took up the majority of the dance floor, and a lot of people kept trying to get in our circle because of how lit we were haha.

In the end, this trip was one for the books! I’m excited to see everyone in July so we can turn-up again ☺️


Thank you to everyone who was a part of these memories with me and even the memories I didn’t share.

I’m ready to close the book on 2019 and take on the new adventures that 2020 has in store for me!

Happy New Year everyone!


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