A style that tucks the ends of your hair away from being exposed to damaging agents such as sun, heat, and constant manipulation

Over the past year, I have been experimenting with different protective styles and I’m excited to share my experience with you all! I’ve tried wigs, half wigs, passion twists, twists, extensions and more!

A few months ago, I asked on my Instagram for you guys to submit questions you had for me about protective styles and I’m (finally) going to share my insight and tips!

Let’s get started! 😎


Best tips to make protective styles last?

This is a great question! I know when I first put a new protective style in my hair, my main goal is to try and make it last as long as I can. My top tips for making these styles last are:

Protect the protective style!

    – Make sure you are protecting your protective style when you are sleeping! This is a very important factor when it comes to making your protective style last. Sleeping with a bonnet and a silk pillow case are the two main things I use to protect my style at night.

Low manipulation

    – Getting a new protective style is always exciting and you probably want to try different hairstyles with it, but don’t get carried away! I like trying different hairstyles as well but when I first have the protective style installed I usually keep it in the way it was intended to be styled for at least a week or two before I start trying different styles.

Refresh style

    – If you’re getting down to the end of your protective style, try refreshing it to make it last a few more days. Whenever I wear my passion twists I always end up re-doing the twists in the front so the style looks cleaner and it

can last a little longer. Or when I wear wigs I make sure I am keeping it detangled and add a little product to bring it back to life.


What’s your go to protective style?

I love love love passion twists! They’re so cute and easy to maintain. All I do in the morning is take my bonnet off, slick my edges down and I’m good to go! I’ve experimented with different types of hair to use for the style which has been fun. I’ve also tried a few different colors as well but I usually gravitate towards the blonde/black combo which has become my favorite.

This style has been great for when I’m going on vacation or weekend trips. I had passion twists when I went to Coachella and back home to Connecticut this year and it was one of the best decisions I made. I was able to get ready for the day without worrying about my hair which is usually the longest step in my routine.

If you’re interested in getting passion twists, I definitely would recommend it! My cousin Nia usually does mine so you can def DM her on Instagram and book an appointment!

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How is it working out with a protective style?

Honestly it’s great! I used to go to spin class a lot in the beginning of the year and I would leave the class not looking a hot mess (well my hair at least 😂).

Working out with the passion twists were great because all I had to do was throw it up in a ponytail or bun and I was ready to go. When I would work out with the ponytail extensions it wasn’t bad either because it was already in a style that was protecting my hair from the sweat.

I will say, when I would workout and I was wearing the wigs/half wigs, I would just take them off and put a hat on lol. I didn’t want to risk tangling the hair during my workout but you can always wear a wig for your workout if you prefer that.



Has your hair grown from using protective styles?

My hair has grown from using protective styles! I was looking at pictures of my hair from a year ago compared to now and I could definitely see a difference. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to retain that length.

One of my downfalls while having protective styles was not getting my hair trimmed regularly. This is a key component if you want to grow your hair out. When I took my passion twists out this past August, I decided to get my hair straightened and trimmed since it had been a while. The ends of my hair were so damaged that I ended up having to get about 2 1/2 – 3 inches of my hair cut off. If I had been regularly getting my hair trimmed, I would’ve been able to retain my length. So in conclusion, get your ends trimmed haha.


How do you prep your hair for a protective style?

So before I install a protective style, I make sure to wash and deep condition my hair. My hair HAS to be fully detangled and moisturized before I slap a new style on it haha. This is my prep for each protective style I’ve tried:

  • Wigs/Half Wigs: After I wash and deep condition my hair, I usually use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner and some coconut oil to keep my hair moisturized while it’s in this style. I then put my hair in twists or a slicked down low bun after washing it because I can’t braid to save my life 😅 I know I’m a disgrace lol. When I wear half wigs, I moisturize my leave out everyday, otherwise it’ll dry out for me personally. It’s also easier for me to keep my hair clean when I’m wearing these styles because I can just take my wig off whenever lol.
  • Ponytail Extensions: My prep for this is similar to when I’m wearing a wig/half wig. After I wash and deep condition my hair, I detangle it and put the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner and coconut oil in it. Then I slick it down into a bun using Eco Styler Gel. I try not to use too much, because throughout the week I apply more gel so I don’t want the build up to get too out of hand.
  • Passion Twists/ Twists: When I have my hair in this style, it’s usually in for a month or two before I take the whole thing out to wash so I make sure I’m very thorough when I’m prepping my hair. I do the same prep as the previous styles but I take my time to make sure my hair is really cleansed before putting this style in. I will also blow out my hair sometimes so my hair wont be as tangled when I do take the style out. However, I don’t like adding heat to my hair so I don’t do it all the time.


Overall, wearing protective styles has been a great experience for me! Not gonna lie, I was a little hesitant about wearing these styles at first, but after being inspired by others and gaining the confidence to step out of my comfort zone, I’m glad I’m now able to take the chance to try more protective styles. It’s a nice break from my natural curls and it’s fun to change up my style once in a while 😊


If you have any questions for me about protective styles that I didn’t answer, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on my socials! If you’re thinking about doing a protective style, just go for it!

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