One of two children or animals born at the same birth

Happy National Twin Day!!

As most of you know, I am a twin lol but I am specifically a fraternal twin. In biology, it is defined as when two eggs are produced and are fertilized by two separate sperm. Fraternal twins usually don’t look alike and can either be boy-girl, boy-boy, or girl-girl twins. I have a twin brother so we are obviously fraternal, even though we have been asked if we are identical smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. Fun fact: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are actually fraternal twins despite looking almost identical! You feel like you’ve been lied to your whole life right? Same lol.

So in honor of Twin Day, I have decided to do a fun Q & A with my brother, Dshawn, from a Twin Tag I found roaming the web haha.

Let’s get started!

(Side Note: We did not answer these questions together so we were not aware of how the other person would answer)

1. Who’s the oldest?

Amber: I am! I’m older by 16 minutes. My poor mother had to wait so long for Dshawn smh lol

Dshawn: Amber, by 16 minutes. I wanted to basque in the only time I would have my own womb 😉 during my childhood.

2Favorite memory together

A: My most recent favorite memory would probably be going to the NAACP Image Awards together. Good times good times. A favorite memory from when we were younger would be when we would make forts in our room and slide down our front stairs with our blankets and pillows.

DThis one is tough to answer. Most moments aren’t significant, they kind of just blend together because we were almost always together growing up. But something that stands out to me is when we were in elementary school, during the summer, we would stay up all night laying in Amber’s bed covered in layers and layers of blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. There were so many; we use to jump onto her bed and get lost in them. At night we would talk about our lives with each other, kinda catch up on the past year. We talked about who made us mad and our crushes and any significant information we kept to ourselves. Even though we were always together, we never really “bonded” so that was memorable.

3. Each others dream job?

A:  He pretty much is doing his dream job which is to own his own graphic design company and have his work schedule determined by him. It’s on the come-up but once it gets more established then he will be living his dream.

DHmmm. I don’t think Amber knows her “dream job”. She knows the industry in which she wants to work which is film and media. So I think anything behind the scenes in Hollywood or is socially well-known. She would love a job at Buzzfeed or working for a production company. She wants a job in PR so social media manager would probably be her dream job.

4. Who takes longer to get ready?

A: Dshawn takes longer to get ready and I will tell you why! SO I do take longer to get ready but I start getting ready early so I can be ready on time. He doesn’t have to do a lot to get ready but he takes forever to do what he has to do and he does everything last minute. I said what I said *mic drop* 🎤

DI’m the procrastinator so I always get ready last but she takes way longer than I do. I hop in the shower which can take anywhere from 2 to 60 minutes depending on the time of year (longer if I have nowhere to be). Then throw on some clothes and clean my mouth and I’m out. She has her face and hair and outfit to worry about so it just takes her a little longer even though she acts like she does it all in 5 minutes.

She isn’t going to agree with me but it’s true. I’m everyone’s excuse for why we’re running late.

5. Do you have anything matching?

A: Probably just some old t-shirts from high school and college 🤷🏾‍♀️

DWhat, we grown. We don’t even have the same aesthetic. But sometimes we wear the same colors I guess.

6. Did you ever dress alike?

A: When we were kids our mom used to dress us alike but that’s expected twin mom behavior haha. We’ve also dressed in the same color scheme for a few recent birthdays.

DYeah, when we were kids our mom loved dressing us up the same. My favorite outfit was our old school Mickey and Minnie Tees! Ugh I want that tee today!… The overalls cute too.

7. Song you would describe each other

A: Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey. The lyrics don’t literally apply to us because it’s referring to a romantic relationship lol but we think of them as a sibling relationship and we always belt this song whenever we hear it.

DI don’t have a specific song that describes her but OUR song is Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey. It always reminds me of her and we love getting in the car, turning the volume all the way up and screaming the lyrics, especially the ad libs. “‘Cause you know in your heart baaabe, OoOour lOoOooOove will neva die noOooOOo!”

8. One thing that you can do well that the other can’t

A: Not lose things 😂 HE LOSES EVERYTHING!

DDesign and draw better. But I wouldn’t say that Amber can’t draw, I just dedicated more of my life to learning. I drive better too but I’ve driven since I was 16 and she just got her license at 21 so I have the advantage, but again, I was more dedicated. She’s better at time management. I’ll give her that.

9. Do you have the same personalities?

A: We defffffinitely do not LOL. We are both very chill people but he is more of an extrovert than I am. He’s very outgoing and bold and can talk about any and everything lol. I’m more of an introvert because I have shy qualities and am more reserved.

D: We are very different. But we’re both laid back in the way we interact with people. We’re relaxed around people and don’t really feel heavy emotional responses when dealing with negative or odd situations. I think we’re both low-emotion people.

10. Silliest question about being twins

A: We’ve gotten so many dumb questions, but the “silliest” has got to be if we can read each other’s mind. We used to give into it and say that we could, and put on this whole facade.

DAre you guys like best friends? Can you guys feel when each other is in pain? Can you read each other’s minds? 

11. Describe each other in three words?

A: Creative, Outgoing, Straightforward

DConfidently unsure… that’s two words. How about Overworked and Underpaid.

12. One thing that annoys you about each other ?

A: Only one!? 😂 I think the #1 thing that annoys me about Dshawn is that he’s inconsiderate of people’s time. He runs on his own clock most of the time.

DJust one? Uhh her lack of consideration. I’ve had to come to accept that she doesn’t really consider what I was thinking in a situation that didn’t pan out the way she expected. Instead she just gets upset with me or is just chilling like whatever while I must overextend myself and be okay with it to avoid getting into an argument… and she NEVER admits when she’s wrong… like I’m still, in my lifetime, waiting for this to happen.

13. Nicknames you have for each other

A: People call him Dsh but I just call him by his name lol

DBit– nah, we don’t really have nicknames for eachother. If I’m being dumb I call her sissy. Maybe Ambs sometimes.

14. What do you order at fast food restaurants?

A: If the fast food restaurant has chicken tenders or nuggets I usually order that but I mostly go to sit-in restaurants and I almost every time get a wrap or salad.

DI don’t really eat fast food. A smoothie or fries I guess. She always orders the wrap, anywhere we go “Are there any wraps?” hahaha. Like yo, all the wraps taste the same though.

15. Favorite thing about each other?

A: He’s always the life of the party anywhere and everywhere! He can also think logically about a situation without letting his emotions get the best of him.

D: She’s hardworking af. Amber is always tiring herself out working crazy hours.

16. Are you identical?

A: …. next question

DThe wild thing is people ask us this all the time but as a male and female twin pair it’s impossible. Dizygotic.

17. Favorite film you’ve seen together and why?

A: Bridesmaids hands down. We were literally on that nasty theater floor dying of laughter 😂😂😂

DI don’t know… She watches what she watches and I watch what I watch. I don’t even think we have the same taste in movies at all.

18. Who’s a better cook?

A: Dshawn is because I don’t cook lmao but I’m trying to do better!

DAmber doesn’t cook so me by default. But I can cook a lil sum sum.

19. Describe the last thing you did with your twin.

A: The last eventful thing we did together was go to the Daniel Caesar concert

DI don’t remember. She’s living her life, and we live together so I see her in passing all the time. Some friends came over and we hung out and talked. But I can’t remember the last “thing” we di– Daniel Caesar concert. Yep that was a thing. Oooh that was a good time.

20. Complete this statement: “My twin sister/brother is…”

A: Annoying. LOL jk jk! My twin brother is my ride or die

DHow she is. You get it if you know her.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun little Q&A. I got to learn some things about my own twin that I didn’t know so that was interesting haha. Happy National Twin Day to all my fellow twins out there!

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